How to become a fashion designer


Fashion designing is attractive to create and it is a glamorous career. It requires creativity to become a fashion designer, good deal of effort, and knowledge of the latest trends.  Fashion designers create designs on accessories and clothing in stores around the world. However, few designers have been pretty successful in becoming fashion designers as Karan, Armani, or Versace. Most of them work for designing basic clothing pieces and mass-market manufactures. Guide to Become Fashion designer  To become a successful fashion designer, be honest with yourself, your ability, and detail. Competition in the field will be fiercer, and you may need strong inner drive for success. Your chances may be increased if you have 2- year or 4- year degree in fashion designing. You can consult your guidance counselor for the list of good colleges. Along with your application, show few good design samples. Choose as many business and marketing…


Kat Dennings Pics


Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are often termed as ‘two broke girls’, but the two have extremely rich chemistry, comedy, and charisma. The Stunning Kat Dennings Kat Dennings, an American actress, was born on 13 June, 1986 in Pennsylvania, US. Katherine Litwack (her original name) has appeared in HBO’s dramatic series Sex and the City, Raise Your Voice, Thor, and many more. Kat began her career in a TV commercial when she was just 10, posing for an ad of potato chips. In 2000, she appeared in a role in HBO’s series in the episode, ‘Hot Girl in the City’, which gave her much fame. In 2004, she made her debut in Raise Your Voice, and starred in several inspiring teenage movies. She is often recognized for her full, pouty lips, curvaceous body, pale skin, and dark lipstick. At present, she is rumored to be dating an American actor, Nick…


4 Style Rules That Every Fashionable Man Should Follow


Fashion can be tricky and confusing for many men. On every side, style can be unequalled to every person and are repeated again and again with respect to time. There are some rules that are considered as something that every man should know. Here are some 4 must-know style rules for all the men out there. Understand Clothing Fit Every now and then, men confuse about the various types of fittings in the market and thus end up with something disastrous. One should know what size fits for formal wear will not fit the same for casual wear. Many of them confuse about the standard sizes and choose whatever is available. So, it is a must that to be fashionable one has to understand the clothing fit. Buy Timeless Clothing Buying timeless clothing means one has to buy clothes that suit him and the style should last for 5 to 10…


4 Fashion Tips to Dress for a Formal Party


Dressing for any event like a formal party is always a tricky thing. So many rules and regulations and ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ are on our mind, which confuses us. If the theme or category is not defined, it’s even trickier. Just imagine if you’re the only one dressed differently it can be so embarrassing and can make you feel awkward. What if all your friends are wearing denims and you enter in an evening gown. Here are some tips to dress for a formal party so that you can be a trendsetter for formal party fashion. Tie Wearing a tie with your formal outfit can really make it look complete and perfect. The only thing you have to consider is that the color of the tie that you choose should match with your outfit. If not, it will look more awkward; better than this would be not to wear a…


Salma Hayek Pictures Gallery


Salma Hayek is one of the most sizzling Hollywood actresses and she has also experimented directing and producing few films. The Brunette Beauty Salma Hayek Salma Hayek, Mexican-American film actress, producer, and director was born on Sept 2, 1966 in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico to a wealthy, devoutly Roman Catholic family. She admitted that she had been diagnosed with dyslexia, a problem related to learning disability. Next Page